World Class Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing could be defined as ‘world class manufacturing within a carbon constrained economy” and is characterised by:


·        Culture of innovation

·        Lean manufacturing principles

·        Product Lifecycle Management

·        Extended Producer Responsibility

·        Sustainable design and product development

·        Sustainable procurement and distribution

·        Use of non-finite materials

·        Advanced manufacturing technologies

·        Organisational and workforce development  strategies

·        Eco-efficiency


World Class manufacturing is about fostering an organisational culture within a firm that is committed to international best practice principles throughout all facets of the organisation as an holistic approach to deliver exceptional performance and long-term competitiveness (increasingly within a carbon constrained economy).


Implementation of world class manufacturing practices will also reduce costs and impacts on the environment (e.g. reduced waste or energy consumption), reduce a firm’s carbon footprint and address supply chain partner and end user customer demand for sustainable and low carbon products.  World class manufacturing directly improves efficiency, competitiveness, supports the environment and improves a firm’s triple bottom line.  Implementation of world class manufacturing practices and processes contributes to the growth of your organisation.


This website is designed to assist you address eco-efficiency issues as part of an overall journey to world class manufacturing.


If you would like further assistance contact your local Regional Development Office on 1300 363 711.