Stage 1 - Why Eco-Efficient Stage 2 - Taking the Steps Stage 3 - Opportunities for Improvement Stage 4 - Continuous Improvement  

Welcome to the website that assists Queensland manufacturers to become more eco-efficient. 

This website has been formed as a tool to assist Queensland Manufacturers to implement eco-efficient practices.  It provides information and assistance for manufacturers to follow the pathway to becoming a world class, sustainable manufacturer. Eco-efficiency combines environmental improvement with cost reduction to maintain competitiveness, whilst becoming more sustainable and adapting to the pressures of a carbon constrained economy.

Eco-efficient practices are not difficult to implement if you follow these four stages:

Stage 1 defines eco-efficiency and outlines the economic and environmental benefits of implementing eco-efficiency.  
Stage 2 provides information on the steps to take to become more efficient.  
Stage 3 provides fact sheets and other assistance with ideas on what to implement once eco-efficiency has been adopted. 
Stage 4 will assist manufacturers to become world class, sustainable manufacturers through continuous improvement.

This website has been provided by the Working Group for Cleaner Production through UniQuest at The University of Queensland.